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Mass Probiotics, Inc. researches, develops, produces and markets a family of probiotic and prebiotic bottled beverage and supplement products under the brand name GoLive®. Additionally, the company produces a line of products for clinical and institutional use. All GoLive® products contain a complex blend of human commensurate probiotic strains, coupled with a variety of prebiotic organic sugars and soluble fibers, to provide superior support for the body’s digestive, metabolic and immune functions. Very importantly, all GoLive® probiotics are kept freeze-dried in individually-packaged, foil-protected servings to ensure the probiotics are delivered alive when it counts: at time of consumption.

Our Mission

To improve human health by addressing the foundation of the body’s digestive, metabolic and immune functions – the gastrointestinal tract.

We strive to develop and formulate the most effective blends of probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients available in any form and in doses sufficient to restore balance to the gastrointestinal tract. We adhere to the highest quality standards for all ingredients and production processes.

Our Ethos

  • Create superior products made with the highest quality ingredients
  • Treat all members of our community with dignity and respect
  • Hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and performance
  • Promote an environment of learning and healthy living among constituents
  • Remain at the forefront of science to ensure product effectiveness

Experience the GoLive® difference of Better Effects from Better Probiotics, Better Prebiotics and Better Delivery. For additional information about Mass Probiotics, Inc. and the GoLive® family of products, email us at info@massprobiotics.com or call us at 617-479-5900.

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